Training & Consulting

Potential clients sometimes tell me I have an interesting story, and I suppose that’s true. When you’ve done as many different things as I have over the years, you gain a very diverse set of skills after a while. That being the case, I do offer my skills as a trainer and consultant to different organizations from time to time. Here’s a little bit about my background, just in case you find you need some help.


I have been working with volunteers on and off for more than 20 years, and I firmly believe that volunteerism is key to creating successful communities and supporting organizations that create real change. I wandered into a hospital two decades ago looking for a job, and was abruptly appointed Columbia Regional Hospital’s Volunteer Coordinator. My first volunteers were mostly World War II combat veterans, and they taught me an awful lot about duty and service.

My background also includes extensive experience at places like the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) of Jefferson County (a National Service program supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service), and the Volunteer Center known as Metro Volunteers. I have trained hundreds of new and experienced Volunteer Coordinators and other staff who work closely with volunteers over the years, and I’m always happy to come speak with non-profits and community groups about the value of volunteerism.

Some of my recent successful engagements have included working with the Butterfly Pavillion to evolve their volunteer culture, training in successful volunteer engagement techniques at the Colorado Community Radio Coalition state conference, and facilitating a fascinating all-hands retreat for KGNU Independent Community Radio here in Boulder. I have also reinvigorated my own sense of volunteerism by donating my time and efforts to the educational nonprofit Pop Culture Classroom and the terrific eTown Hall radio show and community center in Boulder. So, if you find you need help in creating or improving your volunteer program, give me a shout.


One of my strengths is in being able to absorb large amounts of information quickly and to then be able to translate that data for a specific audience. From working with educators to adapt scientific presentations for the public to writing annual reports, I’ve created a wide variety of material for various organizations. If your organization finds it needs help assessing its internal workings, or writing something great to share your successes with the community, let me know and let’s talk about your needs.


I came late in life to grant writing, largely because I was either working with large institutions with their own development expertise, or was creating other content for different projects. I learned quickly that there’s a fine art to writing not just a passable grant, but one that fully and dynamically explains your organization’s mission and its pathway to success. Among a wide variety of other projects, I managed a six-figure grant for a National Service Program that included extensive reporting on the positive impact our volunteers made in the community. Within the past year, I also wrote an extensive grant for a project to engage American veterans in service opportunities, with the goal of using service as a pathway to employment. That grant was adopted as the national model by the grant-making organization that created the opportunity.

I can always be reached at with any queries or questions, and I’m happy to provide examples, samples or published clips upon request. Thanks for checking me out.

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